Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cravings of the Week

We attended our first trade show today...Editor Showcase: Modern Moms, featuring some of today's established and up-and-coming mom-centric brands.
Here's what we are craving now:

Roba!Dolce - America's Most Italian Gelato!
Roba!Dolce offers a variety of 60 delectable flavors of gelatos and sorbets that are smooth, creamy in texture and full of flavor that will take you back to that romantic evening of Venice. They contain 1/2 the butterfat and 1/2 the calories of premium ice creams. So eat up...and don't feel guilty!
We recommend the following flavors:
Strawberry - very light but very refreshing
Coconut - their most popular flavor
Pistachio - with the added bonus of mascarpone cheese