Monday, March 23, 2009

NEW COLORFLAGE™ Shampoos & Conditioners by Giovanni Organic Hair Care

Giovanni Cosmetics introduces a revolutionary new line of color specific shampoos and conditioners called COLORFLAGE™ designed to not only enhance natural or color treated hair, but to defend against color-fadage and provide serious antioxidant power.

The line includes color-specific shampoos and conditioners for those who have Perfectly Platinum, Beautifully Blonde, Brazenly Brunette, Bold Black and Remarkably Red hair.

Key Features:

· Protect: Exclusive UV anti-fade complex shields hair, maintaining color vibrancy and integrity.

· Defend: Super silicones seal in high-watt shine while defending hair against thermal damage.

· Shield: Nourishing, antioxidant powered conditioners shield against color wash-out.

· Restore: Enriched color-lock lather prevents color stripping while smoothing rough, porous strands to restore hair strength.

COLORFLAGE™ Shampoos and Conditioners retail for $8.99 each and will be available beginning in July at retail locations nationwide and at Target in August. For more information please visit