Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing Biodegradable Towelettes By Giovanni Organic Body Care

Feet can beat the heat with Biodegradable Organic Towelettes, new from Giovanni, the leader in all-natural body care. After a day of walking under the rays of summer, feet can begin to know, lose that freshness.

Unfold a scented square and enjoy a fresh burst of botanical goodness. These tiny towelettes are big in purpose as they hydrate and sanitize on contact. Each one is perfectly pre-soaked to thoroughly cleanse, cool and uplift.

Giovanni Biodegradable Organic Towelettes will revive any pair of feet, whether you plan to take them out dancing or perch them on a plush ottoman. The heavenly towelettes come in three different scents:

  • Lavender Calm: For an end of day moment to calm and cleanse
  • Grapefruit Splash: For a fun, fresh, citrus feeling
  • Peppermint Surge: For those who enjoy the mint tingle feeling of clean

Giovanni Biodegradable Organic Towelettes are packaged in a rice paper pouch containing 20 wipes. They retail for $11.95 and are available at select chain drug and natural product stores around the country. For more information visit