Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walk a mile in these shoes - NewBalance for NineWest

What happens when a leader in
technology joins
forces with the fashion footwear brand of the moment? A colorful, cool collaboration is born-introducing NewBalance for NineWest! This new assortment takes the best of NewBalance with the classic 410 sneaker, and infuses hot colors and materials of the spring season-including t-shirt jersey and prep-school seersucker -while including sporty summer sandal styles that have built-in

So when your dogs are barking because of your 4 inch stilettos,
slip into a shoe from The New Balance for Nine West
Spring 2009 line, which offers the perfect mix of
fashion and function.

We especially like the Icon - Jersey 410,
made of a soft feminine jersey paired with vintage
running nylon in pink, blue and yellow, and
Icon - Seersucker, a preppy lace-up seersucker shoe complemented with metallic threading and soft nubuck.

Wear them to casual Friday at the office,
to brunch or on a shopping spree around the city.
Sneakers aren't just for athletics anymore!

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